UK: Brits Forced to Put Work First

UK: Brits Forced to Put Work First, Neglecting Family Life

Research from Scottish Widows reveals that pressures of work in particular are forcing 10 million Brits (21%) to sacrifice time they know they should be spending with their children or grandchildren, and that this situation has not improved since last year.

In addition, the research – published today as part of Scottish Widows’ annual Priorities of Life Index – finds 1.5 million more people than a year ago (19 million, or 39% of the adult population) worry about  neglecting their partners.  Lack of ‘free time’ and focusing on ‘making ends meet’ are two of the main reasons given for pushing their relationship to the side.   Britain’s 30-somethings are the age group most likely to prioritise spending any spare time with their kids over their partner, whilst 40-somethings are focusing most on dealing with financial pressures.

Looking beyond their immediate family, one in three (34%) people say they are not finding enough time for their friends, with 30-somethings feeling they’re giving the lowest current priority to their mates.   Meanwhile, one in four adults (24%) own up to not prioritising their broader family as much as they would like.

Extract from a press release on Easier Lifestyle – click here to read the rest of the piece – the downshifting salvation bit is at the end!  Do read it!