Take a look at some of the short and sweet inspirational films from my archives with top tips on ways you can start to slow down and green up!

Here’s an oldie from an InterNational Downshifting Week gone by, showing you what this important little awareness campaign is all about…the years have moved on but the essence is most definitely, the same!

When I toured the country for 2011′s InterNational Downshifting Week, I encouraged people to knit a 10 inch square…why?  Watch, grab your needles and be part of an enormous warm movement that helps you chill out AND improves your community yoo.

Here’s another old film I shot for an InterNational Downshifting Week gone by on how to slow down your pace enough to grow a few upside down tomato plants!

I’ve always loved the way it encourages rubbish as a resource too and it great fun to do with the children.

Happy planting!

Cooking a few simple recipes is a great way to start enjoying better food and often a cheaper and more healthier option too.  Here’s my top tip for gathering and sharing mouthwatering how to’s.

Here’s another slow green tip for you and one that reduces rubbish in landfill too, what a bonus. Have fun with it!