Get on our Award Winning Downshifter’s Map!

We are very proud to announce, our Downshifter’s Map has won an ‘Honorable Mention’ in the Platial and Frappr Map Awards for this year, in the category of ‘Activism’.

They said :-

Most of our winners this year have offered a very generous resource to their community or the world at large. They are largely movement makers using online and social tools to do important work and spread critical messages, making it easier for people to make life-changing decisions.

There are guides to buying local food, guides to avoiding waste, guides to downshifting, local citizen journalism, and global justice issues.

Help Us Map the Downshifting Movement Around the World

‘Slowing Down and Greening Up’ is certainly not restricted to the UK!

During the 7 days of InterNational Downshifting Week 2007, we had unique website visits from just under 11,000 people, in 96 countries and 24 American states – this year, with the aid of our forthcoming YouTube films, we anticipate far exceeding those figures.

We receive mail from downshifters all over the world (which was another deciding factor for going from ‘National’ to an ‘InterNational’ campaign this year) telling their stories of simple changes that have positively affected their health, their lives, their pockets and their local environments – we hope you find inspiration here too.

There is much comfort to be had when you see you are not alone in the quest for a better work and life balance.

Please help us to build up a chart of WHO is downshifting and WHERE you are on our lovely planet.

First, click on the map and drag it around to find where you live.

Then click ‘Join’ and follow the simple steps.

Over the past few months, we’ve had visitors and contacts from folks in the following countries and US states!

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