There is a growing interest, please pardon the pun, in keeping allotments in the south west and currently, there are 150 eager green-fingered souls on a waiting list in the South Somerset District alone.

I happened across news in today’s newsletter from the Incredible Edible Somerset team and thought you might be interested to hear about a skill sharing event that could be replicated and with a bit of help and a good wind behind you, could laid on anywhere in the country.

If you have a passion for growing and are involved in your local green scene, consider pulling together local experts from your patch to help and inspire others near you.

The Incredible Edible team are about to an event for those who are eager to get growing but don’t know a way forward and are hosting their third Incredible Edible gathering for people looking for land in Somerset.

Join them next Wednesday 28th March at Davis Hall, Howell Hill, West Camel, Yeovil from 7-9pm.

The evening will proffer an opportunity to listen to the stories of groups in South Somerset who have been successful in finding land and they’ll also have a chance to hear the advice of Alan Cavill from the National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners who, incidentally, has supported the development of over 50 new self-managed allotment sites in the South West.

Click here to book a place now and please click the links in the footer below to forward this story onto anyone you know in the district who may be interested.

They are also compiling a factsheet for the night with details of local growing projects & volunteering information.