Children & Schools

  • Resourceful
    Adopt a double-sided photocopying policy and use the backside of waste paper for the facsimile
  • Paper Conscious
    Be a greener school; conserve paper by ruling off your last piece of work and starting a new subject
  • Free
    Brainstorm a list of fantastic, free activities and encourage your parents/guardians to take you on a few
  • Organic
    Cultivate a square foot of garden and grow a few vegetables and soft fruits
  • Fun
    Design and make your own board game
  • Recognition
    Get on the right, green track – sign your school up for an Eco-School Award
  • Compost
    Elect a weekly monitor to collect break and lunchtime organic waste and put it in a compost
  • Seek
    Go out on an adult supervised hedgerow forage and cook your finds
  • Paper-free
    Save paper, postage and time by emailing parents/guardians with school information
  • Awareness
    Visit a landfill site and a recycling centre with your parents, guardians or school and encourage them to do the right thing!