• Recycle
    Contact your local recycling centre and organise bins for tins, plastic, paper and other waste
  • Food Miles
    Find local vendors of fresh, healthy snacks and drinks and re-think your dispensing machines
  • Donate
    Give unwanted furniture and equipment to your employees or local charitable organisations
  • Responsible
    Implement suggestions from The Carbon Trust; make huge savings for your firm and the planet
  • Fundraise
    Organise a Charity Sports Day for your employees and their families and donate funds locally
  • Breathe
    Take the greener, cleaner option for your vehicle fleet
  • Time Saving
    Organise and implement a travel plan and car share scheme
  • Healthier
    Set up a keep-fit room with equipment, or organise local instructors to offer lunchtime classes
  • Eco-consumer
    Source local suppliers of eco friendly paper, office supplies and cleaning products
  • Share
    Use corporate power to get discounts for various green products and offer them to your staff