Are You Feeling the Pressure to Spend Up?

moneyIf you’re feeling the pressure from work colleagues or family to tread the mill and bring home more bacon than you care to shake a stick at, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There’s an abominable pressure thrust at us from almost every angle of the visual and audible media, telling us that consuming is good and the only way to sustain the spend up lifestyle is by working your trotters off.

Consumption is necessary for society to remain upright and to continue to function well, so many say, but ‘I’ say, that our consumption would do well to be looked at, re-evaluated in every sense of the word and changed if we are to survive as a global economy filled with more sustainable communities, which in my view, holds the key to the success of us all.

But bucking the trend is hard and can be terrifying when we’re surrounded by souls that simply don’t get the urgent need for change.

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